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Operation Outreach can be considered a hub, connecting the spokes (organizations, etc.) within the community, so that the people comprising the rim are connected to one another configuring ONE unified community: city to city, state to state.




These hands in the picture represent every nationality.

They are PRESSING inward onto a three-dimensional, blood-red heart — literally holding it together.

This wounded heart is breaking and splitting down the middle at the point of severing completely.

The picture portrays the joint efforts needed of everyone to mend our shattered and distressed humanity. This mending is possible only if all lend a helping hand in demonstrating God’s unconditional love. Only together we can help to heal our cities, states, nations and world… one broken heart at a time!

Directly beneath this rending heart is the hand of Jesus. He is holding up not only the wounded soul but also the burdens of His UNIFIED Body at work in its compassionate efforts to bring wholeness to a suffering world.

People don’t care what you know… until they know that you care.



1.He met people at their need and accepted them as they were.

2.He brought a healing answer to their problem which built relationship and trust. 

3.This opened the door for Him to minister to their spiritual need of Him. 

4.He commissioned us to do likewise. 


Are you interested in helping the hungry, hurting, lonely and those with need within your community? Do you have a burden and a passion for reaching out and touching the lives of those who are struggling against insurmountable odds? If so please call or email Operation Outreach today. Every individual has a way and opportunity to meet a need, whether it be: time, materials, education, or monetarily..

Harder Times are coming. Now is the time to unite and make ready; we must get our cities prepared. Within each prepared community are resources to care for the needs of their citizens, even when disaster strikes. It is not an issue of if a disaster strikes but when.

A community  united  and  organized  with a  solid plan of action  is the only EMERGENCY  “Problem-solving”  strength for a community’s survival.


Operation Outreach, Inc. is a 501c3 Corporation

Trade Marked and Registered

For more information about Operation Outreach

Joshua TX 76058

Email: operationoutreach@nts-online.net
contact Valerie Skiles


Operation Outreach is all about people for they are the strength of the community.